Cleveland Clinic study finds fish oil doesn’t help with heart health

CLEVLAND, Ohio (WJW) – Coronavirus has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives; schools and businesses shut down, travel cut off, elective procedures put on hold. And that has created a crisis within a crisis; women aren’t getting their mammograms.

“Patients have just kind of put on the back burner, ” says Dr. Stephanie Valente, a breast surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. “The numbers are still down.”

Dr. Valente understands the concerns that kept us at home at the start of the pandemic but warns that a delay in diagnosis could mean much larger fears to be faced later. 

“Unfortunately we have seen some women … delayed care by months. They felt a mass, hoping it was going to go away, and by the time they came in, it was a little bit larger or advanced than they hoped it would have been.”